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Quimera Flare 24K Gold Plated Handmade Ear Cuff

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Staying true to its name, this will-o’-the-wisp is a dazzling light that’s not easy to be found. This statement piece made of bronze is molded masterfully by hand into a flare and wrapped at the corners with blood-red threads made of natural fiber fabric ‘palm of werregue’ taken from the Colombian Pacific coast. The charismatic edge is added with the scintillating sheen achieved by 24k gold plating.
Add graceful elegance to your off-shoulder maxi dress at the prom or wedding with these statement earrings. The free-spirited boho feel of these ear cuffs makes these eye-catchers as perfect conversation starters.
Reviving the spirit of pre-Colombian artisanship, these classy ear cuffs voice the mastery of traditional Chibcha skilled workers with gold ornaments.

• 24k gold plated bronze flare ear cuffs
• Hand molded into flare texture
• Natural fiber fabric ‘palm of werregue’
• Blood-Red against golden color

Every exquisite jewelry has a thought and story behind it. Using the timeworn techniques of molding gold metal, each piece has a unique finish to it. The origin is traced back to the indigenous population of Chibcha who had mastered the art of goldwork. This Quimera flared ear cuffs are made with attention to detail to revitalize the spirit of ancient craftsmanship.
At Bochica, we endeavor to bring forward the artisanal products masterfully crafted by the people of Colombia. After the Civil War left 2 to 3 million people displaced, we are engaging directly with the native artisan communities to offer an opportunity to earn an income through fair trade.
Most importantly, Colombian artisanal products would help revive the valuable and timeless pieces handcrafted by the indigenous communities.

Where was it produced?

All our products are manufactured by artisans connected to the fair trade ecosystem

This beatiful necklace comes from the Department of Choco, Colombia.

Check out this link for more information about the area.

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