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The beautiful colorway rug features a cushion-like weave that makes it a soft bathroom or room entry rug.

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Mongui Rug

Introducing a subtle choice of colours against the cream base, Mongui rug is a classic Colombian style home rug. The beautiful colorway rug features a cushion-like weave that makes it a soft bathroom or room entry rug. Super-comfortable to step on, this striking rug has a matchless grace to it. Looks super chic and modern, the Mongui Colombian handcrafted rug is blended with colourful accents woven beautifully in a pattern.

Place the beautiful rug anywhere around your living space and be prepared to get noticed for your unique choice. This one-of-a-kind rug isn’t something you’d find anywhere else. Appreciate the efforts of artisan women who hand weave each rug for weeks and months.

• Super-soft to touch
• Handwoven into cushion-like pattern
• Reversible living room rug
• Avant-garde geometric patterns

Weaving is an excursion for Charala women to incorporate their minimalistic and elegant traditional designs into each timeless creation! Each Charala throw blanket is created with great precision while maintaining high quality standards. The reversible blanket is a masterful art inherited from ancestral Colombian tribal people passed on from generation to generation.
Recently, the ravages of Civil War has left 2 to 3 million people devastated.
Therefore, we at Bochica found these talented women seeking resort in their unique traditional artistic skills. And, thus, we made it possible to make each artisanal product as a source of income for the displaced communities of Colombia through Fair Trade.
Each sale is a ray of hope for Colombian women to earn a stable source of income!

Where was it produced?

All our products are manufactured by artisans connected to the fair trade ecosystem

This beatiful necklace comes from the Town of Charalà, Colombia.

Check out this link for more information about the area.

Weight 0.600 kg

100% organic cotton
100% naturally dyed
Handmade by women artisans from Colombia


Dimensions: 23”x49” / 59cm x 125cm

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