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Antilia Earcuff

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These handmade earcuffs demonstrate works by native women of Colombian avant-garde.

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Bring on a little sophisticated bling to both your formal to casual wardrobe with these beautiful Antilia earcuffs. The bronze is melted and molded to create a cloud-cut pattern to be complimented with exquisite thread shades. Wrapped with carefully chosen dyed natural fabric ‘palm of werregue’ collected from the Colombian Pacific coast, these handmade earcuffs demonstrate works by native women of Colombian avant-garde.

Introducing a balance of eccentricity and minimalism, these earcuffs are brought to life by using ancestral craftsmanship techniques. Exclusively designed and peerless earcuffs to uplift your everyday wardrobe in a subtle way!

• 24k gold plated bronze half-hoop earrings
• Hand molded into cloud-cut texture
• Natural fiber fabric ‘palm of werregue’
• Multi-colored dyed threads against golden color

Each ornamental jewellery is exquisitely designed using the ancestral techniques of embroidery. The origin of such masterful artisanship to create these individualistic pieces can be traced back to the pre-Colombian era, when the indigenous population of Chibcha were famous for gold work. The spirit of their original craftsmanship is revived via these gorgeous hoop earrings and hundreds of other exquisite handicrafts.

At Bochica, we aim to showcase the artisanal products carefully crafted by women of Colombia. It is an opportunity for native artisans to earn an income through fair trade. Moreover, it’s a massive effort to help keep alive the crafty traditions of Colombian indigenous communities.

Where was it produced?

All our products are manufactured by artisans connected to the fair trade ecosystem

This beatiful necklace comes from the Department of Choco, Colombia.

Check out this link for more information about the area.

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